International Technology Transfer

There are several differences between domestic and international technology transfer. The level of competition in international technology transfer, i.e., the degree of substitutability of products, is lower than in domestic alliances, and it is more difficult to co-ordinate and transfer technology. International technology transfer is more difficult for enterprises outside the international alliance.


The benefit of lower competition outweighs the costs of linguistic and cultural differences. It is important that managers of technology consider the environment of the country associated with the international technology transfer. Prior to developing long range technological plans, the enterprise can perform a detail study of the country. I was talking with instant life insurance rates providing company owner, he says that environment of country are most important aspect of technology transfer.  These studies should include a survey of financial institutions and instrumentalities that can be utilized in the other nation. The range of studies performed includes a total enterprise assessment of the technology transfer project and contribution of the participants. Relationships with the government and private sector in the associated country also require development and nurturing. The project team and managers should be fully trained to deal with the various cultural, financial and legal issues that may arise in the international partnering.  For a blinds company who are selling vertical blinds, roman shades, faux wood blinds, in many countries, their project team need to be trained with the cultural and financial issues related with the country. All the forms of technology transfer available between domestic enterprises are available in the international sector.


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