A copyright is an exclusive right granted by any Government to authors composers, artists, or their assignees for the life of the individual plus fifty years to copy, exhibit, distribute, or perform their work. As with patent rights, these rights go to the individual creating the work, unless provisions are made to the contrary. 

A copyright exists when a work is created. The law no longer requires the work to be marked with a copyright notice, but is good practice to do so. For example, a blinds company who make customize roller shades and woven wood shades for their customer, they can go for copyright for those roller shades and woven wood shades product which they make customize. Registration of copyrights with the federal government is optional and can be done at any time during the life of the copyright. Registration also permits using the federal court system to prosecute infringers and provides certain mandatory federal damage against those convicted of infringement. Registration may be recommended software is the subject a license agreement. 

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, device, letter, numeral, or picture, or any combination of them, in any from or arrangement that is used to identify the origin of goods or services, A trademark must be individually identifiable and distinguishable from those of others for similar goods or services. Trademarks assure the buyer of the authenticity of a product or service and imply that the seller has exercised some standards of quality associated with the trademark. An enterprise or person may establish a trademark simply by using it in interstate commerce. Like copyrights, trademarks may also be registered.


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