Internal Technology Transfer-3

Still today we have already discussed on different topic like definition and classification, Channels of technology transfer, technical consortium types of technology transfer methods of technology transfer etc.. As a part of our talk today we continue our discussion on Internal Technology Transfer. The internal transfer of integration of technology is different due to the complexity of the technology being transferred from R & D or applied basic science to the product of production stage of development. Iansiti developed an information process framework, shown in for the development of products based on new innovative capabilities. It shows the informational relationship between research, technology integration, and the product development process. The model serves as a framework for understanding the development process of new technology, which has both a high level of complexity and component uncertainly. 

The process and success of the internal integration or technology transfer are associated with the overall effectiveness of the total enterprise developmental process. The research indicates that more successful enterprises are characterized by a system focused on the integration process. These enterprises emphasize the gathering of accurate information on how the technical factors would impact functionality and cost. This informational gathering is obtained prior to moving the technology from R & D to product development. The problems, which may occur in later stages of product development, are directly lined to the decision in the critical internal technology integration or transfer stage.

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