Internal Technology Transfer-2

Deciding which staff members should be involved in the internal technology transfer process, according to Garvin is an element of the process Multifunctional teams composed of the developers and receivers of the technology are the most effective in insuring a smooth transfer. Communication between the various enterprise elements involved in the internal technology transfer process is a critical factor in the decision process. It is important to develop effective communication methods for bridging the cultural, informational and geographic differences that often-separate enterprise elements in an internal technology transfer process. Multifunctional teams with responsibilities throughout the entire project greatly enhance communication. Where multifunctional teams do not exist, there direct transfer of personnel and formal documentation can assist communication. 

The internal transfer of technology differs within an enterprise depending on the nature of the technology being transferred. The internal transfer of integration of technology is different due to the complexity of the technology being transferred from R & D or applied basic science to the product of production stage of development. Iansiti developed an information process framework, shown in for the development of products based on new innovative capabilities. It shows the informational relationship between research, technology integration, and the product development process.


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