Internal Technology Transfer-1

In large enterprises, technology is not often developed, produced and introduced through only one organizational element. This is changing through the use of multifunctional teams. However, the movement of a technology from an R & D team to manufacturing and then to marketing is a very complex process. The actual process of transferring technology within the enterprise involves a number of decisions. One of the decisions is on timing i.e., when the technology is ready to move from research and development to production and finally to market.  

The competing concerns for making this decision include customer needs, i.e., when are the technology at a stage to meet the customer requirements? The timing decision also depends on development of specifications and operating parameters that are sufficiently detailed to ensure efficient, repeatable production. Timing is a function of preemption of competition. A late market introduction can have significant adverse effects on technology profitability; however, premature release can also have major adverse impacts. The timing of internal technology transfer is critical. 

Location of technology transfer is a critical decision factor, which includes whether the new technology should reside in an existing or new portion of the enterprise.

We continue our discussion our next post. 

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