Methods of Technology Transfer-1

As our talk in technology transfer today we are going to discuss on methods of technology transfer. There are number of methods for transferring technology, both informal and formal. First we understand about the Informal process then we will understand the Formal process. The formal processes are those which use legal arrangements between the participants in the transfer process. The informal processes include the transfer of technology either with ore without the transferee’s knowledge or formal recognition that this knowledge is or has been transferred.


Informal Processes

The informal processes of transferring technology include technical information exchange though published matter, either printed or by electronic media, meetings, symposia and individual exchanges. In this process the originator of the information makes the technical information available through professional meetings, journals, articles, electronic exchange, and informal meetings and personal communication. Technologists have sometimes inadvertently exchanged valuable and sensitive technical information, which has led to competitors capturing economic rents that rightly belonged to the initiator of the information exchange. In some instances the knowledge of genetic code had been placed on-line in electronic media such as the Internet only to be patented by others. Some time working group want to transfer their work environment also with which they are working. Working group want to transfer same interior design with the same vertical window blinds.

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