Definitions and Classifications – 2

Also important is an understanding of the complex networks through which those involved in technology transfer can interact. “Networks are critical for market creation because of their contribution to learning, specifically to the generation of a broad social pool of knowledge related to the capital good in question”. Policy to support technology should address the diversity of learning mechanisms and the conditions which enhance the learning capabilities of firms. The understanding of technology transfer is different to different stakeholders.  

Governments and end-users need to understand the costs and benefits of a technology; innovators need to understand how to adapt it; and firms need to understand how to market it and how it meets user needs.  

An increasing number of people feel uncomfortable with the term “technology transfer”. For some, the criticism is that there is an implicit view of technology as an object, and its transfer is a one-time transaction that maintains the dependency of the recipient. They advocate a new mindset and terminology can be transferred full-blown from one economic and cultural context to another. Martinot et al. (1997) also prefers the concept of technology cooperation to technology transfer.  


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