Technology Transfer – Introduction

A user of a technology does not have to be its creator or inventor. In fact, most inventions are created outside the firms that benefit from them. Innovation may also occur outside a firm’s boundaries, and even if it happens within the firm, it may be confined to one department or division. Transfer of technology is a process essential for the wide application and utilization of technology by one or more users. For example we can say that Insurance Software like insurance crm software or insurance sfa software or agency management software are developed outside the firms but it’s used by people who not developed them.

Technology transfer is the process by which technology, knowledge, and information developed in one enterprise for a particular purpose is applied and utilized in another enterprise for another purpose. Technology transfer can range from disseminating information on basic science research to commercialization of a specific product.

Knowledge varies, over time, from the initial concept of how a basic phenomenon can be applied to the solution of problems to knowledge applied to large complex systems. Technology transfer has been defined as the process of bringing both knowledge and application of science and engineering to society and to enterprises which do not employ this knowledge.

The definition is incomplete, however, without a clear understanding of what technology transfer is designed to accomplish. Technology transfer can be categorized as scientific knowledge transfer, direct technology transfer, or spin-off technology transfer. The gap between a company’s need for significantly improved new products and its ability to develop them internally gets filled by technology transfer.



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